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The Squad

We're cut from a different cloth. May start uncomfortable at first, but all great things come from a place of discomfort. Day one, we kick the door down and start the gut check.

Alright. Maybe there's no door kicking. However, our presence will be unmistakeable. We have a passion for impact and truly believe your success is our success. We don't simply deliver greatness. We empower extraordinary.

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Bobby Napiltonia

Nothing compares to the ferocity of Bobby Napiltonia. If you can roll with the punches, thrive off high energy and soak up the knowledge, you'll find incredible success partnering with Bobby.

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Keith Newman

From his early days in journalism, Keith understands the importance of distribution and the modern approach to connecting others to your story. 

The Look Back Podcast

John Konye

Combining a passion for creative and learning, John has the unique ability to fully immerse into new industries. From drayage to travel to data security to AI, John integrates to better create for the brand.

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