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After 35 years of growing companies, creating global standards and catalyzing the Appexchange on a path to being a $1T ecosystem, it made sense to help others. I grabbed my old running mates to do just that - and wow, what a start. 


Here to Help. However, we're kinda like “Fight Club” for now. You don’t talk about “The GTM Firm” - Maybe not that strict, we are accepting referrals.

Join our list and stay tuned for more GTM stories!

Keith Op2_edited.jpg

Keith Newman

Engagement Accelerator

Connected with some of the most influential professionals of our time. 

Bobby Op3.jpg

Bobby Napiltonia

Growth Accelerator

Empowered three of the most prolific technologies we all use today.

John Op1.jpg

John Konye

Content Accelerator

Over 2,000 videos in 10 years as a solo operation for billion dollar brands

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